Monday, April 22, 2024

Texas legislators recognize Sikh Genocide 1984                    

The Texas State Assembly Representative Terry Meza has issued a resolution recognizing the 1984 Sikh Genocide. The resolution is also supported by  the State Representative and Congresswoman elect Jasmine Crockett. The resolution is the first of its type to mention the UN Convention on genocide section 2 and recognizing 1984 Sikh carnage as genocide. The resolution mentions various facts of the Sikh Genocide including the various Indian states outside Delhi where Sikh genocide happened. Speaking on the occasion State Representative Terry Meza said that she has always been voicing for the causes of the human rights and religious Freedom. She said that her heart goes out for the victims of Sikh Genocide but she is happy that she has been able to fulfill her promise made to Sikh Community earlier this year to introduce this resolution. The Chief of staff for State Representative and Congresswoman elect Jasmine Crockett said that Ms Crockett and her office fully support the cause of justice for the victims of sikh genocide. Dr Iqtidar Cheema Member of UN global steering committee whose long standing efforts for recognition of Sikh Genocide are also mentioned in the resolution said that it was a great day that Texas state legislators have recognized the Sikh genocide. He said that 38 years after the Sikh genocide occurred, underscores the egregious nature of genocide and mass atrocities and that the severity and impact of these crimes are not minimized by the passage of time. Nor does time erase the possibility of bringing perpetrators to justice. Where the likelihood of formal international justice is low, recognition of genocide brings a measure of accountability to perpetrators by acknowledging their culpability. Dr Pritpal Singh the Director of American Sikh Caucus committee thanked the state legislators for recognizing the Sikh genocide and stated that Sikh Caucus committee has been actively lobbying for recognition of Sikh genocide in collobration with other likeminded organisations including voices for freedom. He said that such resolutions exhibits the U.S. commitment to preventing future instances of genocide and mass atrocities.

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