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Grand start to ten-day Regional Saras Mela in Sangrur

Thousands of people cheered and enjoyed opening ceremony
Deputy Commissioner Jitendra Jorwal appealed to people of Punjab to enjoy Saras Mela by visiting Sangrur
Sangrur, (Daljeet Kaur Bhawanigarh)- Along with the grand opening of the ten-day regional Saras Mela at the Government Ranbir College grounds, the mesmerizing tunes of various traditional folk dances were reverberating at Sangrur after almost a decade. Artisans from various states of the country will be enthralling the people with their talent till October 17 with traditional dances, artisans and craftsmen with their best skills and culinary experts with their utensils.
The ground of College was filled with colorful arrays, handicrafts, goods displayed by artisans from different states at more than 200 stalls, songs, music, traditional costumes, cuisine and more. After lighting the ceremonial lamp, Deputy Commissioner Jitendra Jorwal, his wife Pratibha Jorwal, SSP Mandeep Singh Sidhu, Additional Deputy Commissioner (D) Varjeet Walia, SDM Navreet Kaur Sekhon and other senior administrative and police officials took memorable pictures with the students from various educational institutions in front of the specially designed selfie point ‘Saras Mela’ and ‘Apana Sangrur’.
Deputy Commissioner said that artists and craftsmen from all over the country have been gathered at one place. He invited the people from all over Punjab to participate in this ten-day traditional fair. Mr. Jorwal said that a large number of artistes from the Northern Region Cultural Center were also giving their performances in the Saras fair.
Deputy Commissioner said that the Saras Mela will continue from 11 am to night as star night will also be organized every evening and renowned singers will perform.
Today, during the inauguration ceremony, Murali Rajasthani, Kalbeliya, Langamangani Har, Gujarati Dance Siddhi Dhamaal, Haryanvi Jogi Di Bean, Nachar, Rajasthani Dance and other traditional folk dances enthralled the people.

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