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City to host media event about how to report illegal fireworks and help keep neighborhoods safe in Sacrament

Sacramento, Calif. – With July 4 just weeks away, the Sacramento Fire Department is reminding residents that shooting off illegal fireworks can come with a hefty fine.

“In our current drought conditions, one errant spark can cause a massive fire resulting in the destruction of property or even death,” said Sacramento Fire Marshal Jason Lee. “If you use fireworks, make sure they have the ‘safe and sane’ label. And if you choose to set off illegal fireworks – such as skyrockets, Roman candles, M-80s or cherry bombs — know that you can face thousands of dollars in fines.”

The Sacramento Fire Department, in coordination with Mayor Pro Tem Eric Guerra, will host a media event 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 22, about illegal fireworks and how to help keep neighborhoods safe.

The event will include information about legal vs. illegal fireworks, how to report illegal fireworks as well as the City’s enforcement response, which includes enhanced fines approved last year by the City Council.

“As you get ready to go out and celebrate the holiday, keep in mind that illegal fireworks are dangerous,” said Mayor Pro Tem Eric Guerra. “They can start fires, damage property and cause injury. Only utilize safe and sane fireworks approved by the State Fire Marshal, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.”

Event information:

  • WHO – Mayor Pro Tem Eric Guerra, Sacramento Fire Marshal Jason Lee, Sac Fire Capt. Keith Wade, Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association President Isaac Gonzalez.
  • WHAT – Share information about illegal fireworks, including how to report them and how to help keep residents and neighborhoods safe from fires and other dangers.
  • WHEN – 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 22.
  • WHERE – Sacramento Fire Station 10 (5642 66th St.).
  • VISUALS – Sac Fire will display examples of illegal fireworks.

For background on illegal fireworks and the City’s response:

Legal fireworks go on sale in Sacramento Tuesday, June 28.

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